Tips for Braids Hair

Mastering a Pinter-worthy braid is not an easy feat. If you followed a number of “Simple” tutorials it turned out to be anything but you’re not alone. However, the only way to overcome weak braiding skills is a lot of practice. We have become Antonio Velotta, the global camera stylist of hair care specialists for a set of Genius Pro-tips that will guide even the most unfortunate braids for the perfect braid at a time.

1. Mind your part

When it comes to jumping the hair to a braided style, Velotta says it’s best to stick with what you know. In other words, let your part fall naturally. How do you do it exactly? “To find the best part, you just want to brush all the hair back, and drop it in the jump where it feels natural,” says Velotta.

2. Don’t forget to add texture

The next step in creating any kind of braid is to make sure that the hair has enough grip so that the sections don’t slip and glide as they weave them together. Velotta recommends the preparation of hair with two shots of a texture spray, such as caviar-care anti-aging finish Perfect texture spray ($28; to add just the right amount of sand.

3. Take some shortcuts

Do not expect to go from zero to 100 in your first attempt at braiding. If you like an intricate braid like the one that Chrissy Teigen wore to the Oscars 2016 (photo at the top), there is an effortless way to falsify your skill level – and still get the desired look. Velotta suggests first braid as many small sections as you can, and then work all the braids together before you fix them in place. “It will give you this very intricate braid look, but it’s really easy,” he says.

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